wooden puzzle

360000 L.L.
wooden puzzle consists of 25 pieces

figures puzzle

840000 L.L.
big puzzle contain 1000 pieces to form a beautiful paintings

blocks puzzle

1500000 L.L.
contain 81 pieces 6 different faces

the smurfs puzzle

720000 L.L.
the smurfs puzzle contain 6 pieces

sponge bob puzzle

720000 L.L.
sponge bob puzzle contain 12 pieces

spongy puzzle

840000 L.L.
the installation of sponge is used as a carpet and teaching figures and numbers every package contain 10 pieces

big cup

480000 L.L.
m&m mag with small bear in box

tow cups

420000 L.L.
tow cups with tow spoons in red box

cup with a bear

840000 L.L.
cup with a bear in a red bag

cup with a spoon

480000 L.L.
cup with a spoon and small heart in a red box
27 Items total