school bag blocks

248000 L.L.
school bag blocks with roller containing 60 pieces of medium size blocks.

rubber blocks

232500 L.L.
28 pieces of rubber blocks with letters. when you press it gives a sound.

Forms blocks

248000 L.L.
combo and fraction for 18 months and up.

Plastic box blocks

217000 L.L.
box of blocks can be used for other toys also medium pieces for 3 year and up.

Pail of blocks

108500 L.L.
containing 100 pieces of mini blocks for 3 years and up.

Mini blocks set

38750 L.L.
pre-school blocks big size. helicopter and slide.

Bus blocks

232500 L.L.
200 pieces of blocks for 3 years and up. push a button to open.

Blocks sets

186000 L.L.
Blocks very easy to put together and take apart. safty and high quality hygienic and non - toxic

bag blocks

310000 L.L.
bag of blocks contains 38 pieces with numbers on it and two animals status. make your child's correctly, think writing ability.
9 Items total